Monday, June 27, 2011

Dreams last night revealed to me

Dreams last night revealed to me, that yes again, the fucking Christo-fascists of the Roman Catholic church are interfering in my life. It is not enough that the fucking bastards have been the human elements involved in the destruction of my body, brain, life and health...THE FUCKING PIGS ACTUALLY STILL BELIEVE THAT I AM GOING TO BE THEIR MIND-CONTROLLED GIRL CHILD SAINT!!! Jesus Christ, how stupid can they get? I guess they think that if they abuse me enough, sooner or later, I will enjoy the spiritual and psychic rape!

Actually, I am not enjoying anything. I am all fucked up on psychotropics that make it nearly impossible for me to move, but I have to--the pesticide man is coming to spray in a couple of days, and while I have been postponing the inevitable, hoping to feel better, push came to shove today. That means, I have to get enough energy to clean house, which believe me is a herculean effort.

So when does this goddamned shit from these fucking Jesuits and their goddamned mind-controlled minions stop? I don't know. I am so sick of the whole goddamned mess of abuse that those sons of bitches have put on me, but I am too drugged to mount any kind of resistance. Now, I have got to get up and force myselfr to clean house, which is so hard, when all i want to do is lay down and sleep...

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