Thursday, June 30, 2011


Alert: To the young, recently married royal couple--Will & Kate. I have been worried about them for a while now, because it is clear that Faction 2 prefers Prince Harry over Will, and that they are grooming and highlighting "Pippa" for whatever reason--consort to whom?

Anyway, I was disturbed by the post from Newsweek as so many of us were. It seemed a little bizarre, but for me the most worrisome part was the security bodyguard in the pix. Diana was done in by her own (MI5/MI6) bodyguard detail, the kill shot that felled Kennedy, came from his own secret service driver, who turned around and shot him through the brain at near blank point range. I don't have a "hard" intuitive foreboding, but rather a nagging little sense of worry. Either F2 is playing the royal couple, in preparation for a genuine kill shot later down the road, or they plan to put a move on them here in North America. Why? They will do everything they can to bring down Will (how will it devastate him if he loses his bride--that is a true love match), and that includes murdering his wife. I would just alert Will and his loyal entourage to be thoroughly circumspect re" their security arrangements and detail. Use your intuitive heart, and trust it. It is better to be ridiculously wrong, and accused of paranoia, than to see your loved one dead.

I should have posted this earlier--my bad. I didn't realize that the young couple's visit to this country is imminent. Watch for it--Obama needs more anti 4th-amendment fodder, especially since patriots at the ATF, totally blew his and Holder's plan to distribute American weapons to Mexican drug lords--all to drum up anti-weapon ownership sentiment. They don't have either the mature leadership wisdom to respect the electorate's wishes, or any real leadership skills to bring legitimate pressure for change. So they cheat, just like chumps everywhere, using terror and death to bring order from the so-called "chaos", which really is a freewheeling reality, and right now, a dead Duchess of Cornwall would suit their needs perfectly.

I really want to write a longer post, but I have got things to do--I have no "hard" intuition, just a "soft" concern for the lives of this young couple...VET ALL SECURITY DETAIL WITH YOUR INTUITION AND HEART, and don't be fooled by liberal poppycock of cries about "rights", or "tradition" (I have been in Prince Phillip's service for 40 years), or "profiling". Be smart. Protect yourselves.

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