Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another day that the aliens have pumped in

Another day that the aliens have pumped in the viral download--there is a reason for that. The previous post was not a psychotic rant. The previous post was a result of my realizing that I, ME, MYSELF, was the Casey Anthony that my inner voice was trying to awaken to defend myself. Consciously, I have dealt with the abuse and betrayal by my father, but unconsciously, I have not. That is why in my sleep, I become a "Casey (not Caylee--"stop, it hurts"--Anthony" again, allowing myself to be used and abused by evil aliens and cowardly, insecure men, or more accurately, boys in mens' bodies. Oh yeah, same ole Tita, putting her neck on the line and riding point, trying to prove that, "please Dad, I am a human being with rights", and the cowardly assed pieces of shit who used me to pump up their idea of success, sold me out to be mutilated, because they can't stand the fact that my actions revealed how petty and wanna-be unsuccessful they really are. Oh, but we will get her--we will turn her into a woman whose muscles are so fucked up and misplaced that she will never be able to exercise again. We will give her big boobs that get in the way every time she lifts her arms or bounce every time she takes a step. Yeh, she will be a woman, and we are "MEN", so haha, we are now superior to you. That is the thinking of insecure patriarchal men, and while I have been busting my ass and brains to try to save THEM from four centuries of matriarchal slavery, they couldn't wait to throw little sister under the bus, just so their immature, insecure asses can feel like "men".

Well, I think it is over--mostly anyway. Now that I realize how badly I have been abused, all the while I was pushing myself to help these patriarchal boys, while THEY HAVE NOT DONE ONE DAMNED THING FOR ME, I honestly don't think I am going to be joining any more astral flights or hunt and search missions. Not for Bob Gates, who is a patriarchal homophobe who is responsible for the obstruction of the full rights of gays and lesbians in the military--but who has no problem tapping me, and then leaving me mutilated and abused, not for the psychic Whites, who seem to be all in love with me, as long as I am sleeping with duct tape over my mouth, to the psychic Blacks, who strut their sweaty bare chests in my fact, trying to prove their "manhood" and "skills". I have been abandoned, betrayed, destroyed at every turn by boys in mens' bodies, and my only fault was, that like Casey, I just wanted to please abusive women haters. Well, no fucking more.

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